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New England’s Siding experts

Dwight & Sons installs vinyl and cement siding with the same outstanding service that our roofing customers have come to appreciate throughout the years. 

Take advantage of our free consultation offer – discuss your needs, discover your options and find out exactly what your investment will be, before you buy.

Today’s Vinyl Siding

The vinyl siding of today is more durable and impact resistant than you would imagine. By choosing a quality manufacturer, such as Alcoa, you can be assured that you will have a beautiful and maintenance free exterior for many years to come.

Siding Options

Vinyl siding is available in many different styles and colors, allowing you to choose almost any look that you can imagine.

Our preferred brand, Alcoa, also offers a wide variety of maintenance free designer accessories, soffits, ventilation systems and rain removal systems that are not only enhance their siding, but also complement your home’s original design.

Free consultation

When contemplating a renovation, any contractor can come out and give you an estimate for the price. When you call Dwight & Sons, you get more than a price quote. We provide you with a free consultation where we discuss your reasons for the renovation, your budget, your current needs and future goals. Based upon the information provided, we develop a cost effective solution that works for you, while maximizing your property investment. If you would prefer to do this online, check out our Roofing Renovator Estimator.

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