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In this section, we will discuss several tips from our experts on maintaining your home and business exterior. We will also be posting a few questions and answers from the "Ask The Expert" section, that we believe will be helpful to a majority of our readers, so check back often!


Tips On Shoveling Your Roof 

When you shovel your roof, leave 2-3 inches of snow on it. If you shovel down to the shingles, you may damage them. And, if you shovel in an upward motion, you can rip or tear the shingles right off.

Be careful when you hire someone to shovel your roof. An inexperienced person can do more harm then good. Don't make the mistake of hiring someone who is not fully insured or you you run the risk of incurring great liability if that person falls off your roof while shoveling.

A snow rake is a popular tool, but there are downsides to snow raking. If you only rake part way up the the roof, all you are doing is pushing the ice dam farther up the roof. The best solution is to remove all of the snow, letting mother nature take her course.

At Dwight & Sons, we also provide full snow plowing and snow removal services. Our shovelers are experienced installers as well. Since they understand how a roof is put on, they also understand what not to do when removing snow.