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Roofing Renovator Estimator

Mail to:

Dwight & Sons Inc.
PO Box 806

Center Conway, NH 03813

Fax: (603) 356-8230


About the renovation:    
I am repairing/replacing because:    Existing roof needs repairs / replacement
   I am interested in maximizing my investment
   I want a new look for my home
       I am planning on selling in the near future
   Not renovating now / Just curious
I am considering repairing/ replacing:    My entire roof
       These sections only:
Are you considering installing a different of roofing material? If so, what type?
About your current roof:    
Type of current roof system:    None (New Construction)
Approximate age of current roof:
Condition of roof:    Bowed shingles
   Cracked or missing shingles
   Curled shingles
   Dark, "dirty-looking" areas
   Flashing / sheathing decay
   Slightly worn shingles
   No noticeable wear
Other problem signs:    Siding decay
   Blistering and/or peeling of paint near roof
   Interior leaks
   Leakage after heavy rains
   Ceiling stains or evidence of prior leaks
   Excessive energy bills
About the building:    
Type/style of house/building: 
Square footage:
Climate extremes:     Heavy Snows
   Heavy ice build-up
   Within 1/2 mile of ocean
   Within 1/4 mile of a large body of water
   Heavy winds
This property is:    My primary residence
   My business location
   A secondary / vacation residence
   A rental owned by me
Contact information
*We use this information only for the purposes of supplying you with information pertaining to your estimate. We do not and will not supply this information to any third party.

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Town / City: *
State: *
Zip Code:
Location of property in estimator: (If different from above)
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